Gabriela Mena Archila

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I was referred to Wavect by a colleague, and from the beginning, I was impressed with how Wavect focuses its services, generating a unique value proposition by combining web 3 development and programming with education to contribute to the enrichment of this globally forming community. We all see the benefits of its continued growth and widespread adoption in various fields.

Kevin, the CEO and founder, has been incredibly fast and accessible from the start. He always demonstrates a willingness to support and has a high level of empathy to understand what his clients need and how he can contribute. He also shows great flexibility in approaching projects based on the stage and budget of his clients.

Wavect is an excellent option to have a highly qualified external team that is committed and participates as if they were an internal part of the team. They not only provide services in blockchain development, DApps, and smart contracts, among others, but also offer project management services to integrate all aspects of a complex web 3 project. Additionally, they excel in providing education services.

In just a few months of interaction, Kevin has become a highly valuable advisor to Polibit, and we aim to continue expanding the scope of Wavect's services towards Polibit. We are confident in their expertise and experience.

Gabriela Mena CEO & Founder, Polibit

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