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We offer a variety of pricing models to make everything as convenient as possible. Please note, that not every pricing strategy is available for every project (depends on your needs). Nevertheless, we encourage you to get in touch with us as this page simply outlines our pricing routines, but not what we would actually charge for your specific project (every project has its own challenges). You may want to get in touch with us via e-mail, telephone or directly on this page via Facebook Messenger (see right-bottom corner, if cookies are enabled).

Pricing depends on the technologies used (e.g. Solidity more expensive than TypeScript) and the risk & complexity involved (e.g. legal issues, entrepreneurial tasks,..). Moreover, prices and payment terms are negotiable as we are solely oriented towards customer satisfaction.

Pay in Crypto

You can save money by settling invoices in Ethereum [ETH]. You may want to take a look at our Blockchain application 'token.wavect.io' for more details.

Three Examples

Fair pricing can become complicated (as it is tailored to your project), that's why we've simply listed three examples from past projects below. We can't emphasize this enough; prices below are just examples and your specific project will be charged differently. As mentioned above, please contact us directly or book a free initial consultation to clear out all ambiguities.

Hourly Rate
€ 110/hour

  • Maintenance of IoT-Infrastructure
  • Docker, -Compose & -Swarm
  • Web-Applications incl. Databases
  • Decoders for LoraWAN devices
  • Grafana Dashboards
  • 16 hour support, 7 days per week
  • Long-Term contracting possible
  • Tailored to your specific needs
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Commission Basis
12 %/net profit

  • Hybrid Mobile Application
  • Normalized Database
  • Scalable Infrastructure with Docker
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Project Management
  • 16 hour support, 7 days per week
  • Tailored to your specific needs
  • Charging based on app revenue
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Flat Rate
€ 1.500/day

  • On-site consultancy
  • Initial Software Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Technical Workshop
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Long-Term contracting possible
  • Tailored to your specific needs
  • Travel costs & accommodation paid
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