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I work with you on projects especially related to the Internet of Things, Quantum Computers, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Robotics, highly-scalable Systems with Kubernetes/Docker & Co., real-time apps and other challenging applications.

"Considering myself as generalist, I'm confident that we will find a solution for your challenge together!"

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Below you'll find services I explicitly offer (click on the particular chip for more details). In general, I prefer a long-term cooperation which makes me confident enough to also offer services that I'm not yet fully comfortable with (marked with an asterisk*), so please don't expect me to be an expert in those fields.

Fair Pricing
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I talk..

Please note that I'm not yet fully comfortable with languages that are annotated with '*'.

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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Kevin Riedl and I have been coding since I was 13 years old. Since then, I love getting my hands on new technologies and expanding my horizon whenever I can. Moreover, I'm doing a lot of sports such as Calisthenics & Bodybuilding and have many other interests (e.g. trading stocks, extrem-sports, long-distance travelling, selling/presentation, management, leadership,..). My favorite quote:

"Life just has to be meaningful enough to justify its suffering."
Jordan Peterson



JKU Linz
Master of Science (MSc), Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
University of Applied Sciences Kufstein
Bachelor of Science (Bsc), Web Business & Technology
Oct 2020 - now
Wavect (High-Tech Solutions)
Oct 2020 - now
Senior Software Engineer
InfPro IT Solutions (parttime)
Feb 2019 - Oct 2020
Hardware-Software / Internet-of-Things Engineer
Self-Employed (parttime)
Oct 2018 - Oct 2020
Software Architect & CEO
Wavect (Social-Tech Startup, Trademark reused)
Aug 2020
Coding4Kids Lecturer @WIFI Innsbruck
Self-Employed (1 week course)
Sep 2018 - Feb 2019
Co-Founder & Software Engineer
Code|ng (Blockchain/Digital Identity Startup)


I've worked for many companies, led a significant number of projects, have experience in selling, leading & presenting and already know a lot considering my age. Nevertheless, I know how much I don't know. And although, I'm apparently not an expert in any of those state-of-the-art technologies, I'm convinced that I can provide you with the All-In-One package that you need.

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Clients & Works


Own Compiler & Runtime for coding in platform-independent Binary and using high-level data structures. Futuristic libraries such as Quantum Computing or Blockchain have been provided.

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Social-Tech Startup 'Wavect'

Founded & led a social-tech startup building a platform for monetarizing Corporate-Social-Responsibility (e.g. environment protection, solidarity, health). Our service especially targeted SMEs and public institutions (e.g. communes, NGOs, political parties).

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Smart City & Smart Home

Managed & extended a LoRaWAN infrastructure for several IoT sensors with Docker Swarm. Moreover, I designed, built & implemented a modular Smart-Home concept with an own Home Assistant, Smart Mirror, ... to make even "old" devices smart subsequently. A part of the Home-Assistant is Open-Source, see below.

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Mobile & Web-Apps

I've already worked on over 8 apps (Android native, Flutter, React-Native, Ionic,..) and over 30 web applications. CI/CD pipelines are done preferably with Docker. Below you'll find my first native app, which is Open-Source.

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Some Impressions

Below you'll find a small gallery of some events I've participated in as well as people I used to or still work on amazing projects.


I met Kevin in Fall 2018 when he came to Stetson University as an exchange student. Kevin took my Computer Organization course. It was a pleasure having him in class. He is a very bright, hard-working student. He always asked questions that showed his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn Kevin is very self-motivated. He participated in our local Hack Day and developed a Voice Bot that simulates depressed people based on Twitter data. I think Kevin possesses excellent skills that would make him a very successful computer scientist.

Working with Kevin is a real pleasure. He is curious in understanding challenges and at the same time very intrinsicly ambitioned in finding the best solution. On top to his undisputed IT-competence his honest and disarming open mind leads to very inspiring relationships. What I value very much is his personal humility towards people. Kevin is a highly recommendable Software-Engineer and a good person who makes an impact.

I got to know Kevin during the Innovation Days 2018. He is a very smart and intelligent guy with broad knowledge in software development and webdesign. Besides that, Kevin is an outstanding teamplayer and I really enjoyed working together with him on our project. I wish you all the best Kevin and hope to cooperate with you on some further projects in the future.