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I work with you on projects that make use of modern & innovative technologies such as the Internet-of-Things (e.g. Smart City/Home), Docker, modern frameworks (e.g. Flutter, React, Angular, ..) or even relatively unknown terrain such as projects related to Blockchain, Quantum Computers or Artificial Intelligence.

"Considering myself as generalist, I'm confident that we will find a solution for your challenge!"

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Below you'll find services I explicitly offer (click on the particular chip for more details). In general, I prefer a long-term cooperation which makes me confident enough to also offer services that I'm not yet fully comfortable with (marked with an asterisk*), so please don't expect me to be an expert in those fields.

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Long-Term Cooperation
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I talk..

Please note that I'm not yet fully comfortable with languages that are annotated with '*'.

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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Kevin Riedl and I have been coding since I was 13 years old. Since then, I love getting my hands on new technologies and expanding my horizon whenever I can. Moreover, I'm doing a lot of sports such as Calisthenics & Bodybuilding and have many other interests (e.g. trading stocks, extrem-sports, long-distance travelling, selling/presentation, management, leadership,..). My favorite quote:

"Life just has to be meaningful enough to justify its suffering."
Jordan Peterson



JKU Linz
Master of Science (MSc), Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
University of Applied Sciences Kufstein
Bachelor of Science (Bsc), Web Business & Technology
Oct 2020 - now
Wavect® (Software Solutions)
Oct 2020 - now
Software Engineer
InfPro IT Solutions (parttime)
Feb 2019 - Oct 2020
Hardware-Software / Internet-of-Things Engineer
Self-Employed (parttime)
Oct 2018 - Oct 2020
Software Architect & CEO
Wavect® (Social-Tech Startup, Trademark reused)
Aug 2020
Coding4Kids Lecturer @WIFI Innsbruck
Self-Employed (1 week course)
Sep 2018 - Feb 2019
Co-Founder & Software Engineer
Code|ng/VID-Card (Blockchain/Digital Identity Startup)


I've worked for many companies, led a significant number of projects, have experience in selling, leading & presenting and already know a lot considering my age. Nevertheless, I know how much I don't know. And although, I'm apparently not an expert in any of those state-of-the-art technologies, I'm convinced that I can provide you with the All-In-One package that you need.

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Clients & Works


Own Compiler & Runtime for coding in platform-independent Binary and using high-level data structures. Futuristic libraries such as Quantum Computing or Blockchain have been provided.

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Social-Tech Startup 'Wavect®'

Founded & led a social-tech startup building a platform for monetarizing Corporate-Social-Responsibility (e.g. environment protection, solidarity, health). Our service especially targeted SMEs and public institutions (e.g. communes, NGOs, political parties).

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Smart City & Smart Home

Managed & extended a LoRaWAN infrastructure for several IoT sensors with Docker Swarm. Moreover, I designed, built & implemented a modular Smart-Home concept with an own Home Assistant, Smart Mirror, ... to make even "old" devices smart subsequently. A part of the Home-Assistant is Open-Source, see below.

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Mobile & Web-Apps

I've already worked on over 8 apps (Android native, Flutter, React-Native, Ionic,..) and over 30 web applications. CI/CD pipelines are done preferably with Docker. Below you'll find my first native app, which is Open-Source.

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Some Impressions

Below you'll find a small gallery of some events I've participated in as well as people I used to or still work on amazing projects.


I met Kevin in Fall 2018 when he came to Stetson University as an exchange student. Kevin took my Computer Organization course. It was a pleasure having him in class. He is a very bright, hard-working student. He always asked questions that showed his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn Kevin is very self-motivated. He participated in our local Hack Day and developed a Voice Bot that simulates depressed people based on Twitter data. I think Kevin possesses excellent skills that would make him a very successful computer scientist.

Working with Kevin is a real pleasure. He is curious in understanding challenges and at the same time very intrinsicly ambitioned in finding the best solution. On top to his undisputed IT-competence his honest and disarming open mind leads to very inspiring relationships. What I value very much is his personal humility towards people. Kevin is a highly recommendable Software-Engineer and a good person who makes an impact.

I got to know Kevin during the Innovation Days 2018. He is a very smart and intelligent guy with broad knowledge in software development and webdesign. Besides that, Kevin is an outstanding teamplayer and I really enjoyed working together with him on our project. I wish you all the best Kevin and hope to cooperate with you on some further projects in the future.